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We take great pride in customer service at! If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, let us know! You can use our contact form to contact us. We are here to help 100% and make sure you have a smile on your face (and toes!).

A message from Shoetopia regarding shoe sizing differences and customer returns:

First and foremost, we want you to be happy. Running an online shoestore is extremely difficult due to differentiations in company shoe sizing. Most shoes run true to size, but there are always those couple styles that may run too big or too small. We do apologize for this and try hard to catch these before posting so we can notify potential customers before ordering using our product pages. It is a major concern to us since we want our customers to have an easy and exciting shoe buying experience with us. We do appreciate comments regarding shoes not running true to size. We have included an easy feature on our product pages to allow customers to comment on sizing and leave a review. We hope that everyone will take advantage of this! As our business model is to sell our shoes at the least possible prices, this does affect our normal business if there are any problems with shoes purchased from Shoetopia.

Unfortunately, we are still experimenting with solutions in order to keep our prices as low as possible. If you have any concerns regarding a potential shoe purchase or an order already completed, please contact us with any questions or comments. Please note: our policies may change at any time. It is always best to check back to this page for updates before placing an order.

Thank you!

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping is done mainly through The United States Postal Service (USPS). We ship Priority Mail, or via any other option shown, and expect packages to reach their final destination within the 48 Contintental States within 3-5 business days (Saturday and Sunday not included!). For our complete shipping and delivery information, please click here.

International shipping is absolutely final sale. We do a pre-shipping inspection to make sure shoes are in good condition in order to minimize on future problems. You must clear all applicable customs in your destination country. Do we not offer shipping to your country? Let us know. We will investigate and probably enable it.

Pre-shipping Information

Preventive Measures
We have a simple pre-shipping strategy in order to prevent future problems: we inspect merchandise to the best of our abilities and time frame in order to do quality checks. There's no point in shipping a defective shoe if we can catch it before hand. Please understand, this is strictly for the customers benefit. We need to make sure we can keep out incidents that may cause us to raise our prices, so preventive measures are taken exrtemely seriously. This may apply to you, since we ship many shoes daily. There's always that 1 shoe that ruins an order, so we try our best to control these situations. Please don't hate us! We just want to make sure you get the best buying experience we can give you.

If there is no response to an e-mail regarding a defective item in a placed order, we will either:

  1. Cancel the order with an e-mail explanation.
  2. If there is a quantity greater than 1 style, we will ship the order minus the defective item just as it is placed. Normally we send a letter with the package if there is no response to an e-mail.
  3. To the best of our ability, make a decision that will have a positive outcome. We want smiles--seriously. Sometimes situations are tough, so we do the best we can since we can be stuck in a corner.

Insufficient Stock Errors
If we accidently marked an item as quantity 6 instead of quantity 5, there may be a chance of overselling an item. We do apologize, but we are only human and sometimes we make mistakes! Please forgive us. We will try our best to rectify the situation.

Privacy & Security
Shoetopia does NOT share any information regarding its customers to anyone. We do have a newsletter, and the e-mails are strictly private. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.

Returns & Replacements
Returns and exchanges are completely taken care of by Shoetopia! Please contact us regarding any requests for exchanges or returning a purchased item.


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If you have any problems ordering from Shoetopia or have any concerns, you can contact us at any time.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Payment is done securely during your checkout with our 2048-bit encrypted SSL page. We do not handle any credit card information to further protect our customers. Piricing and promotions are done at Shoetopia's discretion and we choose the right to refuse any orders in the event of suspected fraud or pricing mistakes for products. International transactions: All credit cards outside of United States, Canada, and United Kingdom are accepted directly on our site. For credit cards outside of these 3 areas, please use Paypal Checkout. This is all for security reasons. Due to our small margins, we take every step we can to keep our prices low.

Viewing Orders
If you want to view an order and do not have a login, please use our handy order form (must have valid information).

Updating Account Information
In order to update your account information for Shoetopia, you must create an account. Please use our convenient login page to either create an account or login and change saved preferences.
1-626-60-SHOES (1-626-607-4637) - We are currently accepting live support calls in case anyone needs anything! Our support hours are fairly sporadic, but we are trying to create a stable time schedule for live support.