Official About Us

Website Features

We're trying to tweak our website day-by-day to make shopping more pleasant. We currently have options where you can shop by size, color, shoe type... we are always expanding and trying out different helpful shopping practices. For example, we introduced something called a 'Model Review'. The Model Review is where we get a model to try on a shoe and give us a couple sentences about the way the sizing runs, how it looks and feels, etc. This is what we are striving to expand on the most... the customer should have every bit of information we can possible forward in our product pages. This way you buy something that you know will work for you, instead of having to deal with disappointment. is also 'SSL Certified'. We have installed a security encryption feature for our checkout page. This way all your information when typed is completely encrypted. We NEVER store ANY of your information. As a matter of fact, our merchant processor, Paypal, is the one that handles all your information. It is NEVER transmitted to us... except for the green light to ship (approval) and the last four digits of the credit card used. Since Paypal is our merchant processor, we have also included Paypal checkout as a payment method so customers can feel more secure.


We love feedback. Seriously. Did we do something wrong? Good? See an area for us to improve on? PLEASE! let us know. We are striving for FULL customer satisfaction. If you are happy with our services PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! The more customers we have, the better. Not for the cash per-say, but that is a nice perk, but we can get more feedback, interact with our customers, and our website will be evolving as well as our company policies.



That's pretty much the low-down on what we're about. I'm sure I missed a lot, but we will get this updated as soon as possible.

Check back soon to get our full bio :-). If you have any questions or recommendations, you can click here to easily contact us.